Contingent Works podcast mural (2022)

Mural project for Contingent Works coworking space, in Bromley, London, UK.
It was a participative project, where some users of the space attended 2 workshops to help create the idea and sketch for the mural. This room was being transformed into a podcast room, so we created a design related to music and sound, with vibrant colours and abstract shapes. Moreover, the main musical shape was specifically a part of the song Heroes, from David Bowie, who lived in Bromley with his family many years. After the workshops, I created the digital design to be painted. The mural was done during 5 days, with the collaboration of many volunteers from inside and outside the coworking, for what I’m very grateful.
It was a great experience, and I loved being surrounded for such talented people with fantastic vibes.

Client: Contingent Works, Bromley, London, UK.


Digital sketch made with Procreate:


Painted sketch and search for specific paints and materials:


1st day painting:


2nd day painting:


3rd day painting:


4th and 5th day painting:


Final result:


Watch the whole process in this time-lapse video: