Here I am (2020)

I did this illustration willing to support the movement of Black Lives Matter, while I wanted to be more inclusive regarding body shapes.
The whole idea was to represent the power we all have inside, regardless of what some mean people may say about us.


Black power illustration of a dark skin woman with circle pattern behind her and a blade design on pink. She is also self confident about her weight and body shape.


Digital illustration detail zoom of a hand with painted nails and a ring. Fat and stylish woman of color with big breast and her hand on the hip. Turquoise dress and pink background.


Illustration portrait detail of a black woman with dark curly hair and fat appearance.


Artwork Here I am with a wood frame hanging on a wall surrounded by green plants. The digital painting is full of color and shows an empowered woman with a big size body but very stylish and confident. Lucia Segura Art.