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The process of buying this product is done by email, as it is necessary for me to communicate directly with the client and arrive to an agreement of different matters of the order. So, to make the order, send me an email to


But, before you do that, I’ll tell you a bit:

Custom portraits, as a rule, are in DinA3 size ( 42 x 29,7cm and 300px ) and are made as digital illustrations in order to provide flexibility and be able to make changes to suit the customer’s needs. The illustrations will be delivered in JPEG and TIFF format (in a single layer) via email. The printing of the work, therefore, is not included in the order.


There is the possibility to choose between 3 types of qualities:

– Just Pencil: 50,00€ ( for one person + 20,00€ per additional person )
– Medium Color: 100,00€ ( for one person + 35,00€ per additional person )
– Realistic Color Top: 180,00€ ( for one person + 60,00€ per additional person )


(* Prices may vary according to the specific requirements of each order. The factors that can influence, for example, would be elements in the image, clothes, elements you want to add, if you are going to give it a non-personal use, etc.)

The realization of a custom illustration can take between 2 and 4 weeks, and includes asking twice for a correction. From the third set of changes, it will be charges separately. It is important that you take into account the time it will take to make a portrait if you need it for a specific date. You should also know that I will not start the portrait until I have received the 50% of the total in advance.

To give you an idea, the process will go something like this:


– You ask me for the order and send me the photo or photos on which the illustration will be based.
– We talk about the order and I give you a price
– You pay me the 50% of the total
– I start the illustration
– I send you the illustration in low resolution
– If you don’t like something, you ask me for some changes.
– I apply the changes and send you the final illustration in low resolution.
– You confirm the illustration is finished
– You pay me the remaining 50% of the total
– I deliver you the final illustration in high quality in JPEG and TIFF format.


The advanced payment of the 50% will not be returned in any case, since the client is aware of what my pictorial style is and what kind of final illustration he will receive. The client understands that the delivery of the illustration does not make him owner of the rights of reproduction, exploitation of modification of the work in any of its parts. If you need the work to make reproductions, you will have to negotiate the price.


Now that you know how it works, send me an email so we can start with the order.

Below, you can select the type of portrait and the number of people that will appear, in order to get an idea of the price, although I will make a custom quote by email.

(* It will appear here as “Exhausted” but do not pay attention to that)


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