The fight continues – Vital offering (2019)

Digital illustration from my personal work, where I did two versions, each one with a different meaning.
The first one talk about giving something precious in exchange for something else that make you grow.
The second one is about fighting with yourself and the power we have inside. I finally brought the second one into a book cover design.
Client: Personal work


Colorful illustration of a woman with her brain on the hand and some white plants growing from her head. The background is pink and purple. This drawing talks about a vital offering of your most important asset in order to grow as a person.First version. Tittle: Vital offering (2019)

Digital illustration process of a woman and her hands, showing the application of shadows and colour to create volumes. She wears a yellow t-shirt and the background is purple.


Fight continue illustration made by Lucia Segura Art. Young woman fighting with her own emotions and with white plants growing from her brain. There are purple liquid waves around her.


Second version. Tittle: The fight continues (2019)


Book cover illustration of a woman fighting with the wind. Mock up of a wrap book with cover and back. Hair like plants to talk about the internal fight with your inner feelings and emotions.

Mock-up as a book cover of “The fight continues”