Book cover illustration of a woman fighting with the wind. Mock up of a wrap book with cover and back. Hair like plants to talk about the internal fight with your inner feelings and emotions.Book cover design with illustration of a woman about feelings and emotions. Front and back cover wrap for publishing. Blue green turquoise plain background and pink hair.


Book wrap cover illustration mock up for YA young adult fiction novel with a greenery illustration of nature and a red head woman. Green flow drawing by Lucia Segura Art.Book cover illustration of a young woman with her tongue outside. Digital illustration similar to watercolor, realistic. self-esteem.
Artwork Here I am with a wood frame hanging on a wall surrounded by green plants. The digital painting is full of color and shows an empowered woman with a big size body but very stylish and confident. Lucia Segura Art.







Editorial magazine illustration for an issue about vegan and veganism. Why go vegan. Cow and human respecting each other and living in peace. Black and white pencil.




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