- Can I order a product that is out of stock?

Yes, you can. If the product is on my website, but it appears as out of stock, you can order it and will create it specially for you. Bear in mind that this means I will need between 2 and 3 weeks to create it, and then ship it.

- Can I ask for an artwork on a different size than the ones shown in the product page?

Yes, please email me before purchasing it with the specifications of what you need, and I will be able to provide you with a price for the size you want.  



- What kind of materials do you use?

I always use water-based paintings, as they are more respectful with the environment. Most of my pieces are made with acrylic painting, which I mix manually to get the desired tones that form my usual colour palette. 

- How are the prints made?

I send my illustrations to get printed in a professional company, who makes digital printing with highly saturated and deep colours. The paper I use is 350g per square meter, in a white tone and a slight gloss finish. 

- Do you care about sustainability?

Yes, I do. I try to be as respectful with the environment as I can. For example, I use non-toxic paintings, I store my paintings in glass jars, so any paint is thrown away, I store the cardboard from deliveries to use them for other purposes, etc.

- How can I make sure to feel connected with an original artwork I see in your website?

I usually upload images and videos of the process or details from my artworks to my Instagram page. If you want to have more evidence, please email me, so I can show you what you need. You can also go to my exhibitions or markets, so you are able to see them in real life, but please let me know in advance, so I make sure to bring that specific product with me.

- Why I can't see the prices of some of your artworks?

Some pieces might be being exhibited at the moment, so the organizer of that exhibition will take care of the sales. If you are interested in any of these artworks, please email me to check if they are still available, and how to purchase them.



- Where do you send the items from?

I send the items from Barcelona, in Spain.

- How much does it cost the shipping?

All the artworks have the shipping included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about it.

- How do you send the big canvases? And the smaller pieces?

The canvas pieces are sent rolled inside a tube, without the wooden structure. This way, it allows a cheaper shipping cost for you, and it will arrive to its destination in a perfect condition without worries of it arriving damaged. You can then go to your local frame shop and ask for it to be stapled on a wooden structure, or for it to be framed. 
If you want your piece to be sent flat with the wooden structure, please contact me before paying for the artwork you want, so I can provide you with the costs of this type of shipping, which won't be included in the price.

The smaller paintings ( up to A4, or sometimes A3 size) are sent flat, well protected between cardboard or other protective material. 

- How long will I have to wait for the product to arrive?

If the product is already created, I will ship it within 1 week of receiving the order. In case I need to create it for you, expect between 2 and 3 weeks to be sent. 

The shipping service is sometimes delayed, and I am not responsible for it. If your package is delayed, please wait 25 business days before contacting me to claim it. Please note that some shipments may incur customs charges depending on the destination country. The tax may vary depending on the order value, country limitations and other factors based on the product itself. I am sorry to inform you that you, as the final consumer, are responsible for this possible tax.

- I've received the piece damaged, what can I do?

In the case that you receive a packaging with clear signs of damage during the shipping, please take photos of it before opening it, and once opened, check if the piece is damaged. In the unlikely event that it is, take some more photos to show me the damage, so we can look for a solution. You need to email me with this within 24 hours upon receiving the delivery, otherwise all sales are final. 



- What's your return policy?

If you change your mind about the product and don't want it any more, no worries, you can send it back to me. Once I receive it back, I will check that it is still in perfect conditions and I will proceed to make you a refund of the cost of the product minus the shipping costs, which you will be responsible for (both the initial shipping and the returning shipping).  In case the returned item is not in its original condition, you will be held responsible for any loss in value. You will have 7 days from receiving the delivery to get in contact with me, and will need to send the item back within 14 days from delivery.

- Can I return a personalized product?

Due to being a very small business (it's just me), I cannot refund you for custom products like for example custom portrait illustrations. Nevertheless, if you order an abstract painting without personal images, please get in contact with me and I will value if you can adhere to my regular return policy.