Looking Back (#30)

£65.00 - £450.00

“Looking back” is a painting which represents a calm landscape, where you can see different zones with lovely shapes. It was created without any expectation, just letting the emotions express through the brush and the black pen. The tittle that Lucia decided for this artwork was Looking Back, as this landscape made her think about her creative and personal journey, full of different stages, all valuable.

This artwork is painted with Lucia’s personal pastel colour palette, using coral pink, turquoise and yellow. These tones aren’t always the same, as Lucia create them manually mixing paints. You can also see, present in this artwork, the graphic style of Lucia, building the image with black and bold lines.

All paintings contain a small signature on the front of the painting, plus a proper signature at the back of it. You will also receive a document as a proof of authenticity.

Some of my pieces are made on demand, so allow between 1 and 2 weeks for the piece to be done and then shipped to you.

*The frames included in the photos are only decorative, and aren’t included in the sale.
*Feel free to email luciasegura.art@gmail.com if you fancy a different size not included in the list.